The strangest possibility: The physical 世界 may be 究竟 what it seems to be

Is the physical 世界 真实ly made of abstract, mathematically-defined atoms?
Mystery has to do with deeper truths hiding behind mere appearances. 什么 we see and hear is just appearance; the physical 世界, as it is in itself, consists of unexpected and mind-boggling truths—or so we imagine. Yet, perhaps the greatest of all mysteries is hiding in plain sight, right under our noses. Indeed, if we ponder our situation carefully, we come to the startling 真实ization that the strangest possibility of all is this: the physical 世界 may be 究竟 what it seems to be. This possibility, if true, would force us to part with our dearest narratives about the nature of 真实ity.

According to the mainstream story, the physical 世界 consists of particles and force fields defined in purely mathematical terms. These particles and force fields have only abstract, 定量的 属性,例如质量,电荷,动量,时空位置,自旋等。但是它们完全缺乏内在的特性 特质: the physical 世界 在那里, in and of itself, has no smell, tone, taste, color or texture. Instead, these qualities are supposedly generated by our brain, inside our skull. The red you see exists solely inside your head; 在那里 there are only electromagnetic fields with a certain—quantifiable—振动频率。您感觉到的纹理仅存在于您的头顶;那里只有分子的几何排列。我们将颜色和纹理归因于外面的事物仅仅是一种投射,这是我们认知设备的一种心理假象。您现在对周围所有的感觉都是—or so the story goes—inside your head. Your 真实 skull is 超越 everything you perceive, encapsulating your whole experiential 世界 like an invisible eggshell 超越 the horizon. This—看起来很荒唐,听起来很荒谬—是应该发生的事情。

什么 motivates such a counterintuitive story? The main reason is that we all seem to inhabit the same 世界. If you were sitting next to me right now, we would both 描述 my living room in a mutually consistent manner. Yet my perception of the room would be different from yours in the details, given our slightly different perspectives within it. There thus appears to be a 非 -mental environment outside our respective perceptual fields, which is occupied by both of us and modulates our experience of the room. This environment is supposedly the physical 世界 在那里.

There are other reasons. For instance, although we can change the 世界 of our imagination by a direct act of volition—如果我愿意的话,我现在可以想象客厅里有一头粉红色的大象… Oops, just did it—the same is not the case when it comes to the physical 世界. Unlike the images in our mind, the physical 世界 has an autonomy that seems to place it outside our mind. Ergo, it must have no qualities, for the latter are essentially mental. Moreover, there are undeniable correlations between our inner experiences and measurable patterns of neural activity in our brain. This suggests to some that these experiences are somehow—没有人知道怎么做—由我们的大脑产生。

But the question is: Is there an alternative narrative that honors our intuition that the physical 世界—正如我们通常所理解的那样,具体的物理本身—是否包含体验质量,例如颜色和纹理?与抽象的数学关系相反,什么是物理上我的手触,鼻子上的气味和舌头上的味道?这种叙述还能使我们所有人似乎都居住在相同环境中的事实有意义吗,我们可以’不能通过直接的意志行为来改变它,而大脑活动的模式确实伴随着经验吗?答案是肯定的,正如我在本书中详尽而详尽地阐述的那样, 世界观念.

In such a short essay, it is impossible to go into the argument in any depth. But in very general terms, the story goes like this: the physical 世界 is 究竟 what it seems to be, in the sense that it consists solely of the concrete qualities we experience as physicality—namely, the colors we see, the smells we feel, 等等 . Therefore, the physical 世界 exists entirely within our mind… But not within our head! Our body is itself part of the physical 世界, so it is our body that is in our mind, not the other way around.

Does this mean that all 真实ity is our private dream? That would follow only if the physical 世界 were all there is. But we know that, in addition to the qualities of perception—即颜色,味道,气味等。—还有其他心理类别,例如思想和感受。因此,即使所有的看法基本上都是私人的,我们仍可能沉浸在由超个人的思想和情感构成的共享环境中。

In other words, the physical 世界 is private, all right, but there is still a 非 -physical 世界 of transpersonal thoughts and feelings—我们无法直接访问—surrounding us and which we all inhabit. 什么 we experience as our perceptions of the 世界 ‘out there’仅仅是这些超个人思想和情感的外表;就像我们的大脑及其神经活动是我们自己的私人经历的外表一样。整个物理宇宙类似于我们所浸入的整个大脑的精神活动的大脑扫描图像。

So there is indeed a great mystery behind the appearances: 什么 are these transpersonal thoughts and feelings that present themselves to us as the physical 世界? Although the latter is nothing more than our perceptual experiences—which we merely 描述 通过抽象的数学关系—它指向某事 -physical, ineffable, concurrently immanent and transcendent. While being 究竟 what it seems to be, the physical 世界 still hints at something 超越 本身。神秘之处就在于此。


  1. 我希望这项工作将使人们开始质疑当前令人沮丧的物理学家本体论。

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  2. I look forward to your book. Some of your concepts are similar to my own ideas about what we perceive of 真实ity. Best of luck with your book. I'会对其进行审查,并希望将链接传递给他人进行购买和购买。

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  3. 这跟我所说的有关"multisense 真实ism" - that is, that what we experience of the physical 世界 is as 真实 as anything that can exist...more directly "real" than anything we can imagine exists theoretically. The division between privacy and publicity is also as 真实 as 真实 can be...until it isn't。宇宙充满了对自己的不同感官形态的描述,但是正是这些描述阻止了它们之间的相互破坏,从而赋予了一种宇宙感。'realism'. We do not live in the microphysical or astrophysical 世界, at least not the 'we' that is ordinarily experienced. Likewise, the 世界 that is revealed through microscopes and telescopes does not include 'us'。多种感知方式,多种访问范围,多种重叠方式和防止重叠。现实不仅是主观的,而且是一个包括超现实的连续体,并且包括主观和客观表现之间边界的动态可渗透性。

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  4. 出色的书面作品,有助于解释一个困难的话题

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  5. after familiarizing myself with 贝尔纳多·卡斯特鲁普s and Rupert Spiras works I lost any desire to think or ponder about nature of 真实ity. They nailed it all

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  6. If you follow this line of thinking, you arrive at an understanding that there can be only One mind (otherwise 真实ity wouldn'不能跨越多个有利位置),并且一切都是由意识构成的。在我看来,听起来像是所有古老的神秘教义!

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  7. 您好伯纳多先生,我最近读了他的博客和伊恩's and thanks to you, since my existential crisis, I have more evidence against 唯物主义, and I thought I had enough and thanks to you I appreciate your evidence against 唯物主义.


    I have read more of your blogs and I think I can provide you with information and evidence against 唯物主义.

    如果您回答我,我可以在这里发送您的信息,但是首先我有一个问题,我想知道您的观点和理论,例如关于克里斯托夫·科赫(Cristof Koch)混蛋的claustrum和综合信息论。阅读反对这一理论的理论和证据,我想知道他反对IIT和网状组织的青肿和系统,例如患有癫痫的妇女,当她在锁骨中被强力排出时,她在短暂的时间内无意识她通电后的几秒钟

    而且我还可以提供与许多唯物主义理论相矛盾的证据,例如"blind sight" 等等 .


    My point is that every time I find more evidence against 唯物主义.

    像肖恩·卡洛尔(Sean Carroll),苏珊·布莱克霍尔(Susan Blackhole),理查德·黎明·金(Richard Dawn -king),史蒂文·平克(Steven Pinker)和他的妻子,帕特里夏·丘兰德(Patricia Churchland),克里斯托夫·科赫·朱利奥·托诺尼(Christoff Koch Giulio Tononi),史蒂文·劳瑞(Steven Laurey),米格尔·吉齐亚纳(Miguel Gzigiana),吉莫·博吉尼(Jimmo Borgini),保罗·埃德华兹(Robert Edrolls),罗伯特·卡洛尔(Robert Carroll),基思·奥古斯丁(Keith Augustine)和她的男友马丁(James)兰迪,罗伯特·贝克。

    虽然还有其他一些,但我刚才提到的所有这些都是应该具有"greatest evidence for 唯物主义"就像我说的那样,大多数都是基于即使他们也没有做过的研究,并且他们对自己的理论和“制作复制粘贴”的便利性做出了解释,具有讽刺意味的是,很多时候您可以解释结果以支持二元论或中性。

    我的观点是,如果您读了2本书,例如Keith Augustine和cristoff koch,则您已经阅读了"materialism"通常是13。

    奇怪的是,您和使用者伊恩·温德尔(Ian Wendell)以及其他作者和大脑与物理学的实验已经否认了其中许多物质主义实验,即使是在同一实验中"skeptics"已经以不同的方式否认或解释了这些实验。



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    1. 公平地讲,科赫和托尼尼都是开明的,因为他们偏爱的理论即综合信息理论(IIT)暂时预设了一种泛精神主义。

      I 真实ize that Bernardo'我不喜欢泛精神主义,但我认为'朝着正确的形而上学方向迈出了令人鼓舞的一步-科学家们可以自由地称其为物理学家理论,有助于其认知失调!


  8. 很好,伯纳多。我期待着您的新书。有趣的是,在将另一个页面留在维基百科上之后不久,我看到了指向该页面的链接,从中看来,以下内容与您的一些推测相吻合:

    亨氏学(来自希腊语ἕνhen,"one")指的是关于"The One"在“普洛提努斯”哲学中最为明显。 ReinerSchürmann将其描述为"根本超越的形而上学"超越了存在和理智。它可以与本体形成对比,因为本体是"an account of being"而血液学是"account of unity.”

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  9. 在巴哈著作中'i Faith, it is stated that the human brain is incapable of intellection. Said over 100 years ago. Another way to say this is that consciousness is not material. But saying that the brain resides as a material entity within mind, like everything else in the material 世界, is equivalent to saying the brain doesnt secrete consciousness like the liver does bile. (Although in a punny way, some minds secrete bile in the case of certain bile-o-jest materialist atheists...).

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  10. 我刚读完"世界观念"这使我成为理想主义哲学最好的表现形式之一,尤其是它解决了如何存在多个个人思想的问题"embedded"(可以这么说)在“一心一意”中"宇宙万物"。而且,正如您在本文中所建议的那样,它确实解决了一个问题(我认为):一心之内如何有多个不同的思想(我们)(使用Plotinus)'的术语)"alters" and 离解. It'对我来说,似乎很清楚,我们所体验的世界完全是我们个人思想的建构,是由我们的感官输入综合而成的,然后投射回世界。但是有趣的是"construction"正是因为它是"of a piece"用它。我称我们为经验创造世界的精神力量"the Constructor"。而且我发现有趣的是,同一个构造函数似乎可以创造我们的唤醒体验和"world"当我们在梦中体验到它时,只需使用不同的材料即可。

    在这方面,我的其他观点是这些。我认为哲学唯心主义的所有版本(包括"世界观念")支持两个当代研究领域-死亡的生存和心理现象。理想主义仍然是解释心理现象的最佳方案,对我来说似乎很明显,所以我赢了'不要详细介绍它。但是,可以通过以下方式解释死亡的生存。在我们的"dissociation"从一心为"alters"这本书解释了如何通过将我们的个性包裹在一个"Markov Blanket"用来保持分离。我只想说,我们实际上被包裹在几个"layers"马尔可夫毯子使我们"throw off"我们最外层的马尔可夫毯子(我们的身体)"wrapped" in several Markov 层数, the outermost 一 now being what is generally called the "astral body". This enables us to survive death with our individuality more or less intact. Perhaps then, ultimately, we go on to progressively shed more Markov 层数 as we approach ultimate reunification with the One Mind. But this is a process that takes eons and may even involve putting on successive bodily Markov blankets (reincarnation)....

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  11. 这听起来像是解释一种已经说明了这一点的哲学的长途跋涉,即AKA Solipsism。


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